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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"Update On Braydin Resch"

Hello Everyone! I have a wonderful update on Braydin Resch! He was the boy who fell out of his tree stand and got severely hurt. He has spent several months in the hospital in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. His progress is coming along much better than they had anticipated. He still needs to go through physical therapy on a daily basis, but the doctors do not feel the need for him to remain in Milwaukee.

He is quite the determined young man and has the will to walk again so badly. The doctors feel he can get treatment closer to home, so they are going to release him from the hospital. His family is frantically trying to figure out how to make there home wheelchair accessible and are making many (more) changes to their lifestyle.

Braydin would love to continue to receive cards!
Please send them to:

Braydin Resch
W18917 Cty ZZ
Birnamwood, WI  54414

Thank you so very much for thinking of him and your continued prayers. This is going to be the most difficult time for him because though out the holidays, everyone was so concerned and now that he is home, people will think he is okay and all is good. That is certainly not the case. He has a long, long road ahead of him. He will continue to go for therapy for the next year. His bedroom is located downstairs in his home and it will be a long time before he will see his room or sleep in his own bed.

He has come a long way in a short amount of time, but the worst is yet to come. This is where he is going to need constant support and encouragement! Just knowing people are in his corner and haven't given up on him will help keep him determined! 

Okay... Here is where I ask once again! Can we show our support and concern by sharing some of our wonderful cards with a young man who really needs to hear from us? I hope that everyone can help out with this! I know I will be sending out a card or two to him as time goes by! I will do my best to keep everyone updated on his progress!! Thanks for taking the time to read this post and if you can help out that would be wonderful! Thanks again for your support! 

If you have any questions feel free to contact me!
Happy Creating!

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Annette Bowes said...

Sure sounds like a very determined young man! Wishing him all the best, take careX:)