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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Creative Chemistry 103 ~ Day 3

Hello Everyone! Hope you are doing well on this Wednesday Hump Day! I am back with another day of Creative Chemistry 103 creations! I am having a blast working through these awesome techniques and listening to Tim's fabulous video's! No time for chit chat today... Day 3 was actually last week Wednesday, August 3rd! Now for my inspiration creations...

Distress Collage Medium Technique

Distress Layered Collage Technique

I was unable to do the following technique's because I do NOT have the Distress Grit Paste or any of the three Texture Pastes.

  • Distress Grit-Paste Technique 
  • Texture Paste Technique
  • Texture Paste Coloring Technique
  • Texture Paste Resist Technique
  • Texture Paste Embossing Technique
  • Distress Grit-Paste Grunge
The are on my shopping list though! LOL

If you are interested in any of the Creative Chemistry 101, 102, and 103 Classes, you can find the information here!

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