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Monday, December 13, 2010

"My Very First Ever Blogger Award"

Good Morning Everyone,

I woke up to a wonderful surprise today! "The Stylish Blogger Award" has been given to me by one of my fellow blogger friends... Joynana a.k.a. Joyce! She is a wonderful person and oh so creative... she just had her first year blog anniversary! Congrats Joyce! (I happened to be the winner of her wonderful, yummy blog candy! LOL!) If you have time, please check out Joyce's Blog ~ LOVE THAT PAPER! As you can see below... is the beautiful award, that I will proudly display on my blog! Thanks so much Joyce for thinking of me!

Now there are a few instructions that go with this wonderful award... I need to tell y'all 8 things about me that you don't know!

  1. I am the youngest of six siblings. I was raised with "old school" values. Do what you can for others as it will make it's way back to you and never judge a book by it's cover, meaning do not judge someone by sheer appearance... do your best to get to know them!
  2. I was raised on a dairy farm in Northern Wisconsin. We often didn't have much, but did our best to be happy with what we did.
  3. I am OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), I have to keep things in order, tidied up, and I have a bit of a problem with impulsive buying at times (especially when it comes to crafts and sales)! LOL!
  4. I am divorced with no children. I am currently engaged to a wonderful man; Michael, who is the driving force behind my creative success. He is the one who has taught me the real meaning of dreams and has kept me working at them!
  5. Christmas is my favorite holiday! It has nothing to do with presents, (not saying that they aren't nice) but it is more of the warm feeling you get when you decorate a tree, hang up some lights, and/or talk to someone who you haven't had a chance to in awhile. Life is so busy and hectic sometimes, that you forget to keep in touch... for me Christmas is the time of year in which I do this, whether I send a card, make a phone call, stop for a visit, or even send a wonderful catch up email. (With today's technology you have to roll with the times! LOL!)
  6. Crowds SCARE Me, I will do my best to stay away from them if at all possible! Michael has been wonderful with this, he will accompany me, so that I can feel more comfortable. Previously I would just not go to any functions because of it. I had never traveled until I met him. 
  7.  My favorite flowers are Yellow Roses! They were also my mothers favorite. She has been gone for 16 years now.
  8. Last; but not least, I can very stubborn and pig headed! LOL! Bet you would have never thought that of me, but it is true! When I get something stuck in my head, very little will change my mind! (Not such a good value... but no one is perfect! LOL!)
The last instruction of the "Stylish Blog Award" is to pass it onto 8 other bloggers who inspire me...
  1. Aletha at AJSDesigns
  2. Pat at PJ's Place
  3. Suzanne at Scrap Bitz
They are so many more bloggers out there that inspire me, but I would be here all day trying to list them all and I am really looking forward to doing some coloring and creating today! LOL!

I hope that everyone will continue to pass this on to others, as I feel this is a very positive way to go into and get through the holidays! I am sending wonderful thoughts to all of you, that you will have an awesome day/week!
Happy Creating! Sara


Aletha J. Williams said...

Sara! Thanks so much! I so appreciate it and you so deserved the award! Love you, Girl!

Suzanne J Dean said...

Why thank you so much for the honor Sara, I so appreciate it and you are too sweet! Fun to read about you---I'm petrified of crowds too, I have major anxiety attacks which is why I try to stay away from Malls during the holidays, LOL!


Annette Bowes said...

Congratulations on your wonderful award Sara, lovely to read about you, take careX:)

Karen Hasheck said...

Congrats on your award and thanks so much for passing it on to me! It made my day:) When I get thru all my emails I will pass it on and post my eight things too.

Collette said...

Congratulations, Sara - wonderful to get to know you more. I'm heading up to the Dells this weekend for a cheer competition, wish you weren't so far up north, would love to "drop by" and say Hi properly. Stay warm and in touch ... Holiday Hugs to you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sara - just wanted to say a big THANKYOU, first for the honour of the Blog award (so cool, my first one) and also for sharing so much about yourself! I'm not a fan of crowds myself and the after Christmas sales sound like a form of torture!
Sending you big Christmas hugs,